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Encounter Coast Kneeboard Classic

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Two time World Kneeboard Surfing Champion Gavin Colman narrowly wins the Encounter Coast Kneeboard Classic from a consistent Terry Day, with two SKA members Dan Polson and Paul Francis taking the minor places.


Event organiser Phil Arthur (Pinebox-pictured right)) made the early call and sent the contestants out in some challenging waves at Waitpinga Point.  Sixteen surfers had entered the contest, six from interstate, 9 SKA members and one former member.  With the set waves reaching the five foot mark each of these contestants were given every opportunity to show their stuff.


The early heats had a few of the favourites shine and move through, but there were also some good performances by club members namely Postie, Pat, Pinebox, Smoothy and Dan.  Only Max and Yanni were relegated to the 'B' Division final after the first round.


The second round saw some good battles with club members Smoothy, Pinebox, Dan and Dave remaining in the battle for and Open Division final.  Postie, Pat and Sandy were relegated to the 'A Division semi-finals with Postie and Sandy making the "A" Division Final.


The semi finals in the Open Division saw a top class battle for a finals birth between Pinebox and Smoothy (past President versus Current President).  Pinebox had one ripper wave that scored highly but couldn't find another good scoring wave to go down by the barest of margins to Smoothy (below - left) who surfed steady throughout the heat scoring enough on two waves to pass Pinebox.   Dan (below- right)narrowly took the honours over Dave for the last position in the Open final.




The 'B' Division final was a close battle between Maxi and Victorian Kevin Ross.  Maxi needed a high scoring wave in the dying moments to take the lead, which ha managed to do and win by a single point.  Congratulations Maxi (pictured below -left)


The 'A' Division final was also a close one with Sandy and Simon fighting for top position.  Simon had a ripper of a wave early and then lost his way and got stuck a bit deep where he was unable to pick up a second scoring wave.  Sandy stayed in closer and score one good wave and caught a number of low scoring waves but enough to give him the nod over Simon and take the win.  Congratulations Sandy (pictured below - right)




The Open final for the ECKC champion was a tight battle between two NSW surfers Gavin Colman and Terry Day (pictured below-left) with Dan and Smoothy left to fight out the minor places.  Gavin scored the win on a 9.3 ride in the dying minutes of the heat with a huge hack off the lip that saw him free falling down the wave, control the landing and go on to score a number of minor maneuvers all the way to the shore as the siren went to close the event.  In the minor places Dan nudged out Smoothy for  third.  Smoothy changed his game plan going way out back where he struggled to catch a wave.  Dan wisely stayed in closer and managed two scoring waves.  Congratulations to all.


The presentations were held at the Royal Family Hotel..  All finalists received a trophy plus prizes from the sponsors.  The youngest competitor, Yanni Carapetis (pictured right) received the Cadet trophy.  A great day was had by all


A special thanks to Club Members Craig, Freddie and Road Runner, although not competing, came along to help lug the gear up and down the cliff at Waitpinga Point.  Your help was appreciated by all.  A big thank you to the major sponsor Max 's Restorations for putting up some money and prizes to help make this event a success.  Thank you to all sponsors, judges and helpers on the day.  Finally a huge thank you to Phil Arthur in doing all the hard work to organise this event and ensuring its success.


Story and photos by The Gun














After a two year lay-off the Encounter Coast Kneeboard Classic came back, bigger and better than ever and it's here to stay.  The competition has its own website (  and is a permanent fixture on the Australian Kneeboard Surfing professional circuit.


Small surf and onshore winds was not the ideal forecast that contest organiser Phil Arthur (left) wanted but he made the best of it with an early call to head to Parson's Beach, which picks up any swell there is and is partially sheltered from the south to south-east onshore winds.


Twenty two kneelos entered, with the cream of SA kneelos against eleven interstaters including many of the best kneelos in the country, it was always going to be an interesting contest.


Poor surf did not deter the contestants.  The first heat showed the attacking style of Mark Mcleod against and equally aggressive style of local and contest organiser Phil (Pinebox) Arthur.  Unfortunately Jim Brown struggled to match them.  Mark Mcleod took the honours.  The second heat saw two interstaters against two locals and again the interstaters had the honours.  The third heat was the toughest of the first round with locals Sandy and Dan up against two of the best kneelos from interstate, Chayne Simpson and Mark Ashby.  Unfortunately the locals took the minor places.  As a local spectator the fourth heat was a good to watch.  Impressive surfing from locals Scott, Pat and Simon saw these three advance into the second round with their interstate rival missing out.  Heat five had it all.  Stylemaster, so eager get into the water, forgot to put on his contest rashie till moments before they heat was about to enter the water the judges hinted that he better wear one.  Not deterred, Stylemaster (pictured below right), surfed like it was his usual Saturday session, screaming and arms waiving to rack up 14 points out of twenty on only two waves and leave his fellow competitors and interstate rivals in his wake.  The final first round heat had the SA State Champion Jake up against a couple of seasoned competitors from Victoria, Mark Jeffrey and Kevin Ross.  Jake held his own, bud did not pick off enough long rides to take top spot and finished second.


The second round heats in the open division saw most of the interstate kneelos advance.  The last of the SA Kneelos was knocked out in the semi finals, resulting in the first time that an ECKC final did not include a SA Kneelo.


For SA most of the interest was now on the A Division and B Division final.  The B Division final which contained three SA kneelos and 1 interstater was an interesting heat.  Eleven minutes went by before the judges had to score a wave and that was Maxi who pulled one out of the bag and scored well to take a lead that was going to prove difficult to beat.  While Craig Jacobs drifted down the beach out of the judges view, Sandy and Peter Simmons (NSW) managed to catch a few close-outs and unfortunately failed to impress the judges.  Craig eventually walked back, but the heat was over.


The A division final was good to watch as the lead kept continually changing.  Smoothy caught the first wave and took the lead only to find no other scoring waves and slowly slip back as Pat took over the lead.  Kevin Ross (Vic) after a number of spectacular wipeouts managed to score a few points to threaten the lead.  But finally the eventual winner Dan, who surfed well in all his heats continued his form to take the lead late in the heat and hold it to the end.


The Pro Division, the final heat of the day, was worth the wait.  Four aggressive Kneelos who made ordinary conditions look good, had the judges busy.  Chayne Simpson (NSW) put the first score on the board with top to bottom surfing including 360's.  "Impressive", I think I heard Craig Jacobs say.  Not to be out done, Mark Mcleod (pictured left) (NSW)pulled off some equally spectacular maneuvers and it was game on.  Mark Ashby (NSW) made the choice to take the rights and although he pulled of some spectacular re-entries, the smaller rights did not give him the points he needed.  Red Ceglowski (Vic) only grabbed a number of the smaller and longer lefts that came through, but managed a number of turns to make it a tight tussle for third.  From a spectators view the winner was clearly going go come from either Chayne Simpson or Mark McLeod and it was an equally close battle for third or fourth spot.


Presentations were made at the sponsor's venue, Cockle Cafe in Port Elliott, where contestants enjoyed a drink and the excellent meals on offer.  A big thank you to all sponsors for their support to help make this event a success.  Thanks to surfing SA and the judges for keeping the competition side of things moving .  Special thanks to all the volunteers who lugged gear up and down the cliff at Parsons, without that sort of help it would have been difficult to run this event. 


It is without question that the effort put in by the eleven interstate kneelos in coming to SA and competing with our local talent is appreciated.  We hope to see more in the future.  It can only help to strengthen kneeboard surfing in SA and Australia.  Thanks also to the eleven locals for entering and performing well against some experienced and tough opposition.


Finally an extra big thank you to Phil Arthur and his team from SKA (Sandy, Paul, Simon and Peter) for their efforts in putting all this together.  Clearly without the early work of these people the event would not have got off the ground.


Results of the 2014 Cockles Cafe Encounter Coast Kneeboard Classic are as follows:


Pro-Division - 1st  - Chayne Simpson (NSW)
                            2nd - Mark McLeod (NSW)
                            3rd - Mark Ashby (NSW)
                            4th  - Red Ceglowski (Vic)

A - Division    - 1st - Dan Polson (SA)

B - Division    - 1st . Max Simionato (SA)

Story and Photos by The Gun