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Sunday morning was beautiful and clear with light off-shore winds.  What more could you want for a club meet?  Oh, Yeah, Waves would be handy!!!  Well I guess you can't have everything, but as the pictures show, some waves did turn up.  Only 5 club members braved the cold winter air and only four hit the even colder water at Parsons Beach.  I manned the camera.  With a number of members, including the club president, overseas in the warmer climate and a few others sick the numbers were down giving more waves for those that hit the water.


Freddie in his usual enthusiastic manner was first down the beach, first in the water and first to get a wave.  I could also add the was the last in.  Not bad for a plus 60 fellow.  Vice President Pat got the biggest wave, making some fast sections, but after getting dragged down the beach in the rip and getting a few smaller waves, decided he had enough and came in.


Mashby got two waves and managed one ripper ride but on another wave he got snagged on a stand-up surfer's leg rope, bringing his board to a sudden halt and Mashby nose diving over the front.  There were no 'fisticuffs', Mashby is too much of a gentleman for that.


Craig, after fighting the rip and current which was taking him toward Kangaroo Island, finally managed a straight hander which was over too quick for 'yours truly' to capture with this camera.


After about 20 waves, Freddie was still in the water.  I think everybody left.  I went to a nearby waterfall and took a few photos, before heading back to cliffs and enjoying a ripper 2 hour session in an increasing swell.


As with every club meet it is always great to catch up with the crew.  Lets hope for better surf next time.


Story and Photos by Gun














Prez Smoothy must have the surfing Gods on his side as good size waves with glassy conditions for our fist club meet of the year.  What more could you want?  An easier paddle out???  Well I guess you can't have everything! 


Smoothy made the early call on Saturday messaging everybody to meet at Cliffs on the south coast instead of the usual spot Seaford on the Mid.  The call was the right one as clean lines and 3-4 foot swell greeted the boys.  The call was to move a little further east of Cliffs, where we had the area to ourselves, you just had to paddle through a bit (OK a lot) of white-water.  One member, not mentioning any names, was nearly left behind at Cliffs, he thought he would be the first out and was in his Wettie with board and flippers in hand only to watch the Prez and crew ignore him and they drove past moving on to the next parking bay about 100 metres east.  Luckily the Vice Prez chose not to ignore him and told him what was going on.  (He gets my vote next year.)


I won't say who was the first out back (no wonder they ignored me), but I was soon joined by a very fit Prez who unfortunately grabbed my wave from under my nose and got a screamer right hander.  Prez privilege.  I said nothing, but it set the trend for the day.  Prez got all the waves and I got all the close-outs.  Not quite true, but Prez Smoothy did get a lot of waves and is now surfing better than I have seen him.  Pat, was the third out and got a lot of good rides showing good style for the current State Champion.  Freddie managed to make it out back shortly after Pat and was right into it catching a number of good long rides.  Mashby and Dave joined us shortly afterwards, which only left Craig to get out back.  No one saw him, possibly drifted down to Goolwa or stayed inside to surf the third sandbar out of the five we paddled over.


Dan, a late arrival because he had such a long way to travel, managed to role up out back about 30 minutes later.  Everybody, except yours truly had plenty of waves by that time and Dan in true fighting spirit of a former State Champion paddled all over the place a caught everything to make up for lost time.  Unfortunately I was busy paddling for waves and missing them to notice what everybody was doing.  Smoothy, Freddie and Dan got lots of waves.  Pat and Dave had their share and Mashby and myself watched on.  I saw Dan take off on a few big ones and make a few hard impressive turns.  Freddie got lots of clean rides and milked them in true Freddie style.  But, Smoothy was the surf magnet, no matter where he sat the waves would come to him and he surfed them hard and fast.  I think I even heard a little yelp of happiness on one of the waves.  Don't get carried away Prez!


Almost two hours into the session a freak set came through and swept a number of us in.  Freddie and myself struggled for what seemed like eternity to get out back.  A few gave up.  While Dave, Dan and Prez managed not to get caught.  Finally I started to get a few clean rides and I think I double my clean face wave count after one wave.  Paul and Dan were still ripping .  Dave was drifting east.  Freddie was catching smaller ones a little inside the rest of us and I was left in the only area where there were no waves.  Almost three hours into the session and the numbers began to dwindle and soon I was left on my own.  Not bad first in last out!  I finally started catching some waves and had no intention of going in.  Surf conditions were still great and I was starting to get some clean faces.  I think I even managed a cut-back, but had no-one to brag to.  Oh well!!!  Where was Pinebox anyway!!!!  I usually brag to him!  After nearly four hours (I think I caught as may waves in that time as Freddie did in the first half hour, but he is much younger than me), I finally decided to come in and join the crew in the car park to have a chat.  When I got to the car park my car was there alone, bringing back memories of how the day started when they all drove past me.


Anyway it was a great start to 2017 for our club meets.  There was some great surfing and I even got to talk to a few club guys in the water but maybe not on land.  Hope they found Craig!






The July Club Meet was on.  No worries for Smoothy, the club President who wasted no time in making the call and sending us out at Middleton where 3-4 foot clean glassy waves were waiting for a kneeboard attack.  Eight kneelos hit the surf with a vengeance.  Max Smith made the most of it with wave after wave and absolutely ripping on one long right hander that almost took him back to the car park.  Dave Butcher had his share of waves as well taking a number of right and left handers west of the point.  Pinebox was perfecting his signature move on some long left handers that were really meant for Dave and me, but he out maneuvered us.  I only saw a few of Freddie's waves and none of Hammer's or Sandy's waves but I am sure they got plenty of good rides in the conditions.  The President was riding one of Sandy's boards and at times seemed to be struggling to catch waves.  He did catch a few big ones and smashed them.  I was the friendly guy that shared waves with Dave and kept apologising to him whilst riding in front of him till I finally got the message and let him finish the wave.  Dave was nice about and paddled back to me saying that when I finally got off, it was the best wave he had.  Yeah right!!!  Apart from that shared wave with Dave, I had plenty of waves which were so good I forgot to go in.  After 3 and half hours in the water my numb fingers and toes gave me a hint it was time to go in.


I'm sure the boys went to the Pt Elliot Bakery for their health food intake because no body was about when I came in and finally thawed out.  I couldn't find them and went home with my tail between my legs and promising never to drop in on a fellow kneelo again.






Freddie Steps Up!

The troops gathered at the Seaford Carpark were Phil, Paul, Sandy, Dave, New Max, Less New Max (Hammer), Mark Ashby, Yanni, and Geoff.  The breeze was filling from the North East and the Mid Coast was nearly an option, and murmurs were that Goolwa or Cliffs would be the best option, when Freddie declared that he was heading to Parsons and that we were all welcome to join him.  Once the huddle had dispersed, we all agreed to head to Parsons, though many were skeptical that it would be the right choice with 20 knot North Westerly winds forecast for the south coast.


New Max, Paul and Dave were the first to get there, and saw 2-3 ft waves and good banks down the beach, but a strong breeze making surfing conditions less than ideal, and we were about to head across to Waits for a look when Gun showed up and said we should have been over at Cliffs or Goolwa.


A quick look at Waits to check if sheltered from the North Westerley confirmed Freddie's decision to head out at Parsons towards its western end, as the point did not appear to be doing much, with a few hardy body surfers being the only ones out.  Gun elected to take photos and New Max decided to assist Gun as he had just got back from surfing Yorkes and didn't want to ruin the memory of his alleged barrel time at Salmon Hole.


Dan showed up so we all headed down the beach, with Geoff and Hammer the first out the back, with Dave opting to head further down and use the rip to get out.  It wasn't long before it was clear that a pretty consistent right hander was working west of the reef and many of us were getting some fast and longish rides. We didn't have it all to ourselves, with a Sea Lion and a pod of dolphins visiting to see if Freddie had made a good choice.


Most of us picked up some good rides with Freddie, Sandy, Phil, Paul, Dave, Yanni and Dan all getting plenty of action. Mark and Hammer were not feeling the love, with Hammer declaring that New Max got more waves, and he didn't even get wet!


Once we got back to the car park Freddie continued to lead the charge, declaring that we should head to the Victor IGA as the pies were good and the iced coffee cheap, where he got to try a few well worn lines on the unsuspecting and undeserving checkout chick!


Overall, some fun surf was had by most, despite the less than ideal conditions, and Freddie is looking the Oracle that all should bow to with new found respect (praps not the IGA Chick!!)   could there be an opening on the committee for his sageness regarding choosing where we surf on future club meets?  Can he get it right every time?  Can he handle the pressure?  Is he the new Messiah?  Stay tuned for the July club meet to see what unfolds.


Thanks to Gun for taking the pics   hoping to see a few up with this report to ratify Freddie's judgment.


Story - Dave Butcher



May 2015 Club Meet


It was good to catch up with a few of the guys on Sunday as it really has been a long time. In the carpark there was old-Max, Freddie, Dave, new-Max, and moi.  To everyone's surprise there was a bit of swell hitting Seaford and not too many people out.  Filled with hope for larger and cleaner waves, we all headed down to Cliffs.  Conditions looked good - 3ft plus, offshore.........what could possibly go wrong?  Was it the banks, was it the full moon, was it the short period swell?  Who knows?  Maybe it was just the Middleton-factor.  But, the overall consensus was a score of less than 5/10........we hope for better next time.

By Stylemaster


April 2015 Club Meet


FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY we had waves for our club meet!!!

It was a good turnout considering the report was for small waves and a S/Easterly ...............mmmmmmmmm sound like ground hog day again!  The usual suspects turned up in Sandy, Mashby, Groova, Max "the hammer", Postie and Patrick and the new kid on the block Yanni.  We also had a new face in Max Smith (welcome to da club mate) and Posties bro, Kane and his 2 mates.  We headed straight to Parsons and it looked surprisingly clean at 2-3ft.  I didn't hesitate and made the call.  There were quite a few people in the water but the rip running thru the point was pushing everybody down the beach so it kept everyone spread out.

There were plenty of clean faces to work with and although I didn't get to see many waves from the other guys we all had some fun for the first time in probably the last 6 or 7 club meets.  It was great to see new faces out in the lineup.  Yanni paddled into some big ones showing plenty of courage with Max (Smith) showing plenty of ticker on the big sets as well.  We need a nickname for Mr Smith so we can do these write-ups easier!!!!  If anybody knows his nickname let me know, but like all the members of this club............he will get a nickname sooner or later!!!  Tehe All in all a great day and I will see ya's in the lineup somewhere soon.