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South Australian State Kneeboard Surfing Titles

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A big congratulations to Patrick Langlands (AKA Biscuit) on taking out the 2016 State Kneeboard Surfing Championship earlier this month. (April).  This was well deserved following some top finishes in previous years including a runner-up in 2013.  Being one of our younger members I am sure he will win a lot more over the coming years as his kneeboard surfing keeps improving.


The photo below is from the archives of last year's ECKC Classic at Parsons Beach where he was unlucky not to finish in the finals.  Well done Pat from all the SKA membership.








Competing in his first State Title for some time, Dan Polson caught the wave of the final to clinch the 2015 S.A. State Kneeboard Surfing Title


The day dawned windy and wet, but there was enough north in the firm westerly wind to make the 3-4ft swell coming into Middleton bay contestable.  Surfing SA called the contest on and with a lot of stand-up heats to get through, it was well into the afternoon before the five man kneeboard final hit the water.  There was a small delay while Simon Coote changed his board after competing in consecutive stand-up aged finals prior to the kneeboard final. 


There was also confusion at the start of the heat where some competitors did not hear the starting siren and for the early part of the final no waves were ridden.  Finally Simon started the ball rolling with a short low scoring ride, left into the bay.  Jake snared the next ride, a fast right hander which allowed an early cut-back and then provided an option for a radical lip re-entry on the close-out section, which Jake attempted, but failed as he and his board became airborne.  It looked good


Pinebox had the next, a lengthy right-hander that provided nothing.  He did, however, manage to catch a quick second wave, also low scoring, but enough to put him into the lead.  A lead Pinebox lost almost immediately to Jake who managed a short ride on a big left that closed out on him.  Dan, Maxi and Simon managed some nice short rides on good sized waves, but scored low.  I was surprised that Maxi's ride did not score better.


The increasing westerly wind blew everybody over to the Point and a lot of time was spent paddling back into the contest zone.  Jake had enough of paddling and decided to come in and "run" back to the rip losing valuable time and only had a few remaining minutes to catch a good scoring wave.

Dan who was maintaining his spot by continually paddling to the west, against the wind, managed to pick up the wave of the final.  To his credit, he milked it all the way with some controlled top to bottom surfing and a few cutbacks thrown in for good measure.  The judges liked it and scored him well.  Dan took the lead.  With only 3 minutes remaining, no-one else caught a wave to better their score.  Dan took the title ahead of the past three State Champions, an effort he should be proud of.  Well done Dan!  Congratulations from everybody at SKA.  For the record, Jake came second, Pinebox third, with Maxi and Simon filling the remaining placed in that order.

Thanks to Surfing SA for a well organised event and the Judges for a job well done.

Story and Photos by The Gun








Jake Hadcroft surfs aggressively in both his heat and the final to narrowly win over Phil Arthur (Pinebox) to deservedly take out the State Kneeboard Surfing Title and be crowned the 2014 SA State Kneeboard Surfing Champion. 


Six kneelo's, all members of SKA, entered into the State Titles which were held in the Bay at Middleton on Saturday 5th April 2014.  Surfing SA ran the event in conjunction with the State shortboard mens, womens and aged events.  Early morning at Middleton saw lots of swell, light onshore conditions and an extremely low tide which was not helping.  The first Kneelo heat was heat number 12, which finally hit the water around 1pm when the tide was halfway in and the onshore wind strengthening.  Conditions, although not ideal, were certainly contestable.


Simon, Pinebox and myself were in the first heat.  Pinebox was a man on a mission, and with game face on took the first wave, which from the words from the commentator was a high scoring wave.  Pinebox took the lead which he never let go.  Simon got a few clean faces and cranked a few hard turns, but could not match Pinebox, who later in the heat scored an 8+ point ride.  I caught a few waves but got no clean faces and bombed out badly.  It was Pinebox first and Simon second, advancing to the final.


Pat, Sandy and Jake were in the second heat.  Jake was all over the place and gave an almost aerial display in some poor quality surf.  It was clear from Jake's surfing that he too wanted this State Title.  Pat sat inside and picked up a number of small ones to score enough points over his father to come in second behind Jake.  Sandy suffered my fate in not finding any clean faces and being knocked out of the final.


The final was held about an hour later, nearing 3pm with the tide nearly fully in and still lots of waves about.  Simon who also entered the over 50 mens shortboard (stand-up) event had his final, just before the Kneeboard final.  To the credit of the contest organisers they delayed the heat to give Simon time to paddle in, change his board and paddle out


When the final finally started, Simon who burned up a lot of energy, took the first wave, but he looked tired and did not make the most of a wave that finally died in deep water.  Pinebox had the next, which was also a questionable wave, but to Pinebox's credit he worked it hard and scored a 5+ to take an early lead.  Jake fiddled around with a few short rides then finally scored a screaming left hander on which he almost got airborne and pulled it off scoring a 7+.  Jake takes the lead.  Jake had just finished this wave when Pinebox takes off, way out back and cranks a hard cutback on  a wave that almost dies, but to his credit, he kept his momentum and rode it through to the reform, where a top to bottom surfing display saw him crank four high scoring maneuvers to almost land on the rocks at Middleton Point.  An 8 point ride and Pinebox takes the lead.  Jake continued to take questionable waves and although he made a few hard turns, he failed to pull some off and did not better his first wave and remained in second place.  While Phil was paddling out back and with time running out, Jake again picked up a left hand screamer into the bay which he worked to the limit, with a number of tail slides cut backs and a floater.  Another 7+ ride and into the lead.  Simon and Pat struggled for waves.  Simon picked up a few out back while Pat had some short rides in close.  Both were well behind in points to Jake and Pinebox.  All interest now was if Pinebox was going to get a wave before the siren.  Jake did but could not better his top two scores while Phil was starved for waves out back as no set waves came in while he waited.


The siren blew to mark the end of the heat while Phil was left waiting for a good back-up wave to his 8 point scoring wave.  Jake won by 0.83 to become the 2014 Stat Kneeboard Surfing Champion.  Simon put up a good defence to his 2013 title, but was too tired in the final after surfing in a stand-up event the heat before and came in third.  Pat came a creditable fourth and continues to put in good performances in State events. 


Well done to all kneelo competitors, you did the sport proud.  Hopefully we will have more enter next year.  Congratulation to Jake on his fine win.  Thanks to Surfing SA for running the event and thanks to the judges who must find it difficult to judge a kneeboarding event, but showed consistency and got the right outcome.  Well done.  (Hopefully that will get me a few more points from the judges next year.)


Story by The Gun